Imagine a one-stop portal to access talented intern candidates from many of the best colleges and universities across the nation. Through the UCAN Internship Exchange, you will reach thousands of the best and brightest candidates at no cost to your organization; there is absolutely never a fee to post internships to the UCAN Internship Exchange.

Discover the impact to your organization as you source intern candidates with a broad range of experiences, diversity of skill sets, and breadth of perspectives from 20 of the best American colleges and universities including:

· Boston College
· Brown University
· College of William and Mary
· Duke University
· Emory University
· Harvard University
· Hofstra University
· Pepperdine University
· Princeton University
· Swarthmore College

· Tulane University
· University of Chicago
· University of Denver
· University of Miami
· University of Notre Dame
· University of San Francisco
· Vanderbilt University
· Wake Forest University
· Washington University in St.Louis
· Williams College

The mission of the University Career Action Network (UCAN) is to connect employers with talented undergraduate and graduate students (Arts and Sciences) who are seeking diverse career building experiences through internships. The UCAN Internship Exchange, founded in 1996, is one of the most comprehensive online internship databases, known for connecting organizations with a wide array of intern candidates. Start your relationship with UCAN today; unleash the power of the University Career Action Network to reach the best possible candidates for your organization.

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