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T he mission of UCAN Intern is to connect employers with talented undergraduate students who are seeking diverse career building experiences through internships. The UCAN Internship Exchange, founded in 1996, is one of the most comprehensive online internship databases, known for connecting organizations with a wide array of intern candidates.

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one-stop portal access to opportunities posted by employers targeting students from top colleges and universities across the nation. UCAN Intern gathers and shares internship postings from 18 top-tier national colleges and universities; these postings are from organizations looking to specifically target you-—a student at one of these prestigious institutions.

Why search for internships on UCAN Intern?

  • Geographically diverse internship postings from across the nation
  • Internships in a variety of fields, including: nonprofit, sciences and research, arts, education, health care, tech, government, finance, and many more!
  • Access to employers who recognize and value the talent associated with this small group of prestigious colleges, such as Pixar, The White House, Time Inc, Yelp, The Guggenheim Museum, Apple Inc, and MANY more!

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With one post on UCAN Intern, you reach talented intern candidates from some of the best colleges and universities across the nation.

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  • One-stop portal access to intern candidates at 18 of the nation’s top universities
  • Diverse pool of candidates with a breadth of perspectives and skill sets
  • Access to geographically varied candidates
  • No fees to post

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